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Through this website we will track some of the anti-corruption commitments of the government of Afghanistan. The website will serve as a pressure tool to ensure the implementation of the anti-corruption commitments made by the government of Afghanistan at various national and international events. The objective of the website is to increase transparency, accountability in the affairs of the Afghan government with a focus on tracking the progress on the implementation of the commitments. This website continue tracking the implementation of anti-corruption commitments of the government Afghanistan in future too, but at this stage, the following anti-corruption commitment will be under the scope of the website:


1.  Anti-Corruption Summit 2016

2.  London Conference on Afghanistan 2014

3.  Brussels Conference on Afghanistan 2016

4.  Anti-Corruption Strategy 2017

5.  OGP-A NAP 2017


As the status of the implementation of the commitments move from ‘pending’ to ‘complete’, the color of the pledge will change from red to green. When the pledge passes from its estimated date for completion, it will be marked as ‘overdue’ until it is completed.

Progress in the status of each pledge will be based on the public evidence, collecting updates through using right to information and face to face meetings with the agencies responsible for implementation of the commitments.